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Your past does not define your future, present circumstance is not the final chapter, and your future was planned by God before you were conceived

March 17, 2018

You Are Not Alone

January 25, 2018


When the world considers peace it is defined as everything being calm and going one's own way. The dictionary defines peace as a state of tranquility and free of disturbances. There is another peace, that is beyond understanding. This peace is inside of you when there is chaos in your life, nothing is going your way, and the world offers you no peace. We all need to connect with peace that cannot be explained.

January 16, 2018

Always Something to Do

This temporary circumstance can be a problem or opportunity for you. You have the power to make it a problem or an opportunity. During this temporary circumstance, you can seize the opportunity to do something you had not scheduled time for. This circumstance can be a window of opportunity opened up for you or wasted time. I believe there is no time to waste. We ALWAYS have something to do!

January 9, 2018

How Did I Get Here: Part II

How did I get here? We often find ourselves asking this question. Then we start contemplating and realize our choices got us here and we get stuck. This place that we find ourselves in, we do not have to stay in that place. We can have peace. We can live after 'here'.

January 4, 2018

How Did I Get Here? Part I

This is just a temporary circumstance. You just have to hold on to something solid and dependable. This circumstance is surrounding you, but doesn't have to overtake you!

December 31, 2017

In Between Time

Those moments where you feel trapped is just the in between time. No, you cannot turn back because greater days are ahead of you. Relax, you are just In Between 

December 31, 2017

Change the Recording

The process of becoming all you were destined to be begins with you. Stop replaying all the negative words spoke to you, over you, about you, and your negative thoughts! Record new messages about your value and the greatness no one has ever imagined you have!!

December 31, 2017

About the Past

December 31, 2017

Introduction to W.I.F.E. in Christ: Women Increasing Faithful Existence in Christ

December 7, 2017

Coming Soon

WIFE in Christ offers solutions to real, everyday situations facing women of all ages. Solutions beyond just existing. This podcast will offer solutions to walk boldly through life by faith with increasing faith. 

Watch for episodes of Women Increasing Faithful Existence in Christ beginining January 2018!!